All Bedford Borough mayoral candidates will face voters at hustings this week

Hustings temporary image

All Bedford Borough mayoral candidates will be attending the BBC Three Counties Radio and the Bedford Independent’s hustings event this week (18 April).

In what’s expected to be a lively event, the hustings will see all mayoral candidates grilled on the issues facing Bedford Borough today, such as knife crime, housing, homelessness, transport, education and health.

Hosted by Three Counties’ drive time presenter, Roberto Perrone, the panel will include:

  • Dave Hodgson, Liberal Democrats
  • Jenni Jackson, Labour
  • Adrian Spurrell, The Green Party
  • Gianni Carofano, Conservative
  • Adrian Haynes, UKIP

With all candidates attending, it’s a perfect opportunity to see how each of them respond to your questions and respond to cross examination from the host and across the panel.

Read: Details of the candidates standing for Bedford Borough Mayor and their manifestos at our dedicated Mayoral Election 2019 page.

Managing Editor at the Bedford Independent, Paul Hutchinson, said: “These hustings are a chance for Bedfordians to grill the Borough’s mayoral candidates about what matters to them.

“You will hear directly from the mayoral candidates about their plans for the Borough and see how they respond to scrutiny, helping you decide if they’re up to the job or not.”

News Editor at BBC Three Counties Radio, Carol Abercrombie, added: “Live broadcast hustings are always entertaining and a great chance for local voters to put their questions to the politicians who are after their votes.

“I’d encourage anyone interested in local politics or who cares about Bedford to come along”

The event is free to attend and anyone and turn up on the night, but to ensure a balanced audience, please email to register before, if possible.

The event will be held in the marquee at the Bedford Blues’ ground, Goldington Road on 18 April from 5:30pm and is due to finish at 7pm.

Access Bedford will also provide live sign language interpretation for audience members who are deaf or hard of hearing.

It will also be live streamed on Facebook.

Bedfordians will go to the polls just two weeks later on 2 May to choose the Borough’s mayor and their Ward and Parish councillors.

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