All aboard: free online concert launched to commemorate VJ Day

The Femmes
The Femmes are a vintage harmony group, evoking the wartime era

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of VJ Day and the end of WW2, Marston Vale Community Rail Partnership are hosting an exclusive free online concert, featuring vintage harmony group, The Femmes.

Available to view from lunchtime today (Thursday), the specially recorded performance features special guests to remember the day World War II officially ended, and with a look forward to happier times ahead.

Oozing with Golden Age Hollywood glamour, The Femmes will transport viewers back to the glory of the 1940s. With more fizz than a glass of Champagne, these gals will get you singing along and your toes a-tappin’.

Funded by Martson Vale Community Rail Partnership and Community Rail Network, the organisers hope the performance will be enjoyed by rail users and the wider community alike, including those in care homes.

The performance is available to view until midnight on Monday 18 August at

You can watch a trailer here.

The Femmes
From the Golden Age of Hollywood glamour – The Femmes

Stephen Sleight, Marston Vale Community Rail Partnership Officer, said,”We are delighted to work with The Femmes again – their special VE Day 75th Anniversary concert was a real treat and VJ Day promises to be even better.

“We hope everyone will really enjoy this special concert, and it will revive memories of the 1940s for the older members of our community.

“Our thanks to Bedford to St Albans City Community Rail Partnership & London Northwestern Railway for their help in pulling this fantastic event together”.

Jo Bradley from The Femmes said, “The Femmes are thrilled to be working alongside Marston Vale Community Rail Partnership again to bring everyone an online concert with delights from the 1940s.

“After the huge success of our online VE Day 75th Anniversary concert, we are excited to delve into the 1940s songbook once more.

“Expect famous songs from the time, stories from the generation who lived through World War Two and some special guests.”

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