Alistair Burt MP ‘finds it hard to be labelled a rebel’

Alistair Burt MP Channel 4 News
Alistair Burt MP interviewed by Fatima Manji on Channel 4 News

North Bedfordshire MP, Alistair Burt appeared on Channel 4 news last night and was asked how far he would go to stop a no-deal Brexit.

The interview was ahead of a proposed meeting today between Tory ‘rebels’, including Alistair Burt MP, and the PM.

Last night the PM cancelled the meeting, citing a diary clash.

The former minister stated that the Prime Minster ‘genuinely wants to get a deal’, and when asked how he felt about been branded ‘a rebel threatened with deselection’, he said:

“I find it a little bit hard, after 32 years as an MP serving in every administration…to be labelled a rebel…I don’t want to entertain thoughts of bringing down a Conservative government.”

You can watch the full package here. Alistair Burt’s interview begins at 3:13:

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