Alex Skeel case inspires hospital to improve staff training


Following the recent high-profile case of Alex Skeel, a victim of domestic violence, Bedford Hospital has changed the delivery of staff training, placing more focus on recognising signs within male victims who may present to the hospital.

Alex’s harrowing ordeal was recently featured in a BBC3 documentary, highlighting how long he suffered before the authorities realised he was being abused.

Bedford Hospital staff undertake mandatory training within this area and following the Alex Skeel case, this training has been developed to include more focus and emphasis in recognising male victims and ways to help them access the right guidance and support services.

The training has been developed by Claire Knight, an independent domestic violence advisor (IDVA) of the Victim Support charity.

Claire has also developed specific gender-based information packs for hospital staff and patients affected by domestic violence who access hospital services to help remove any social misconceptions and myths around male victims.

“The hospital fully supports all initiatives that help raise awareness and improve access to services for both men and women affected by domestic abuse,” said Claire.

“Alex Skeel’s case was horrific and we want to do all we can to ensure this isn’t repeated. Alex recently visited Bedford Hospital to talk to staff about his case and this has led to the changes in staff training that we are now delivering.

“His input has been crucial is helping us make essential changes to support others who may present in similar situations and we would like to thank him once again for all his support.”

Nichola Keer, Associate Director of Nursing for Safeguarding said, “It’s good to know that our staff are getting the training and support they need in order to provide a safe, caring and excellent service to our patients. I would also like to extend my thanks to Alex Skeel for his visit which was incredibly useful and beneficial for all those who attended. We wish him well in his continued journey to recovery.”