After record-breaking fifth year, charity Dr Who convention aims for the stars for 2020

Sylvester McCoy and fans

Organisers of the fifth annual Doctor Who convention are thrilled that this year’s event raised an unprecedented £8,062 for Bedford Foodbank, but they’re aiming even higher for 2020.

Ahead of next April’s convention they’ve already extended an invite to each of the twenty-first century Doctors – Christopher Ecclestone, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi – to attend.

They expect Jodie Whittaker might be a bit busy.

The Bedford Who Charity Con on Saturday 13 April took place at Bedfordshire University Theatre on Polhill Avenue, attracting more than 200 people, including visitors from as far afield as Germany and Northern Ireland.

Dr Who convention

Stars from the world of Doctor Who– including Sylvester McCoy (the Doctor from 1987-89), his assistant Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Carole Ann Ford, who starred in the original series way back in 1963 – wowed the crowds.

There was also an appearance from BAFTA award-winning special effects designer Mike Tucker.

While there are many Doctor Who conventions held around the world every year, Bedford Who Charity Con has become established as one of the most highly thought of.

Colin Baker, the sixth Doctor, declared last year’s was: “The best one day event I’ve ever done.” with actors taking part in sketches for the audience, as well as answering questions and signing autographs.

Organiser Simon Danes, who is also one of the Foodbank’s trustees, said: “If you like Doctor Who, days like this are heaven; if you don’t like them, they’d be complete purgatory.”

Simon’s favourite Doctor of all time is Patrick Troughton, while of the recent crop he opts for Matt Smith: “He was the youngest actor ever to play the Doctor, but he managed to convince you he was a thousand-year-old alien trapped in the body of a man in his twenties.”


And his favourite monster? “I’d have to say the Daleks. They’re everything we’re supposed not to be. Vindictive, constantly enraged, ranting, spiteful, arrogant, and hideously violent. ”

“They hate everyone who isn’t a Dalek, and they don’t really like each other much, either.

“They appeared in the second story, back in 1963; without them, Doctor Who would have been cancelled after its first year.”

So, what plans for next year? “We’ll be holding the sixth Bedford Who Charity Con in April next year, ” added Simon. “It would be wonderful if we could get one of the leads from the twenty-first century series.

“If Peter Capaldi, Christopher Eccleston, Matt Smith or anyone else is reading this, please do get in touch with us.”

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