Additional Pothole Hit Squads in place throughout Bedford Borough to keep on top of winter repairs

pothole squad

Bedford Borough Council is drafting in additional pothole crews to help keep on top of pothole repairs this winter.

Gritting salt, fluctuating temperatures and surface water following heavy rain are all playing their part in Bedford’s damaged road surfaces, resulting in a high number of potholes and road defects appearing in a short space of time.

So far this year, the Council’s crews have done over 25% more gritting runs than the average, often very late at night and continuing through until the early morning.

Over 2,000 tons of road salt have been used this winter season already.

While gritting is vital to keep roads safe during winter, it is also very corrosive and damages the road surface.

Alongside warmer temperatures during the day allowing water to seep into the road and weaken them, and freezing temperatures overnight there has been significant damage done to the roads.

Cllr Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder for Highways said, “Our Highways Team have been exceptionally busy this winter season, dealing with flooding, unusually high gritting levels and working to stay on top of the damage being caused to our roads.

“Occasionally very temporary repairs are needed to make potholes safe, and avoid road closures but additional crews are also working to keep on top of repairs.

“We may have another cold period and we will continue to direct all available resources towards tackling the effects of the adverse weather and issues it causes for our roads.”