A-level results announced across Bedford Borough as students achieve record grades

Empty exam room
Due to the global pandemic, students were unable to sit their exams this year

A-level students across Bedford Borough have received their results today after an unprecedented two years of educational disruption.

Grades were awarded via teacher assessment, rather than the traditional exam structure, due to the pandemic.

Provisional figures across Bedford Borough show that nearly 97.6% of pupils achieved at least one A* to E grade and 83.2% achieved three or more A* to E grades.

Councillor James Valentine, Portfolio Holder for Education and Children’s Services, said: “Well done to everyone receiving their results across Bedford Borough today and the very best of luck as you look ahead towards the next steps into work or onto further and higher education.”

He acknowledged that “It’s been a very difficult year for everyone”, in reference to pandemic disruption and teacher assessed grading.”

A breakdown of Bedford Borough results are as follows:

  • 97.6% of pupils with at least 2 A*-E grades
  • 14.7% of pupils with at least 3 A* to A
  • 23.5% of pupils attaining AAB or better where at least 2 are facilitating subjects

The Bedford Borough grades follow the high attainment of grades achieved across the rest of the UK.

Sky News announced this morning that “almost half of grades could be A or A*” and there are some concerns about grade inflation.

Talking to Sky News on why students are achieving such high results, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said “they have “worked tirelessly” and “we should be incredibly proud of their achievements”.

He said grades were “awarded on the basis of evidence” and that future employers could have “real confidence” in a “very clear grading system”.

He said: ‘the government is “very much planning to move back to examinations as a form of assessment” for next year’.

Bedford Greenacre Independent school (formerly Rushmoor and St. Andrews 6th form):

100% of A level grades achieved with 65% of grades being A*-B.  Every sixth form pupil has secured their first-choice university place.

The school are “incredibly proud of all their pupils” who worked “incredibly hard” to achieve grades above the national average.

They highlighted the success of students Harry Noon and Emily Chaplin and said their “accomplishments will be up there as some of the highest in the country”.

  • Harry received: Law A*, Geography A*, EPQ A* and Business Studies A.
  • Emily received: Photography A*, History A* and English Literature A*.

Similar levels of success were recorded in the Cambridge Technical results.  The average grade for Business and IT courses was distinction.

Charlie Mullett was highly praised for achieving two Distinction * and a Distinction on the Triple Business course.

Recently appointed Head of sixth form Richard Woodward congratulated students and said: “I have been impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of our young people. These fantastic results are testament to their dedication.”

Bedford Sixth Form:

Bedford Sixth Form have announced their highest achievers of 2021:

  • Rosie Bullman (A*A*A*) University of the Arts London – Fashion Imaging and Illustration
  • Connor Churchman (A*A*A*) University of Cambridge – Archaeology
  • George Miller (A*A*A*) University of Westminster, London – Fine Art Mixed Media
  • Charlotte O’Dell (A*A*A*) Norwich University of the Arts –  Photography
  • Dee’Anna Petrucci (A*A*A*) Lancaster University – Law with Politics
  • Kesia Sawdon (A*A*A*A*) University of Bath – Natural Sciences (Sandwich)
  • Frederick Upton (A*A*A*) University of Cambridge – Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic

Head Teacher Helen Smith welcomed the “great results”.

Bedford School:

Bedford School have congratulated their Upper Sixth Form boys for the “wonderful set” of university places they achieved following their A Level results today.

  • 11 boys have secured places to read medicine
  • 11 students got into Durham University
  • Seven will attend University College London (UCL)
  • Seven got into Bath University
  • Seven will attend the University of Exeter

Students also attained places in Germany and the USA.

Pupils will study a variety of degrees including:

  • Computer Science
  • Theology
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Linguistics
  • Cancer Biology and Immunology

Special mention went to the following high achievers:

Yaamin Mohamed gained three A* and and an A.
  • Michael Lee will read economics and management at New College, University of Oxford
  • Ciaran Zanna topped the International Baccalaureate and will read History at University of St Andrews
  • Stephen Simmons’ achieved three A* grades, securing him a place at Kent and Medway Medical School
  • Max Sogan gained four A* and 100% in his Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) has been accepted to read Physics at St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford,
  • Yaamin Mohamed gained three A* and and A. He will read medicine at Queen Mary University of London
  • Golf scholar Finlay Cummings secured his scholarship offer at Harding University, Arkansas, USA where he will receive collegiate golf coaching to take his golf to a professional level while also studying for a degree in Business.
  • All-round musician Hugh Halsey four A* in maths, biology, chemistry, and geography. Hugh has a gap year placement working for a conservation charity in Canada.
Golfer Finlay Cummings

Head Master, James Hodgson, said: “We are hugely proud of this year group. They have worked extremely hard in what has been another turbulent year of schooling through the pandemic.

“Their resilience has shown no bounds and they deserve every bit of their academic success.

“An exciting future lies ahead for these boys; they are good men who leave with many varied interests away from the classroom and a strong set of values for life. I wish them every success.”

Biddenham International School:

Results are now in from Biddenham International School.

Computing, Further Maths and Physics results were particularly exceptional, with average grades ranging from A* to A-.

A-level Student Nikko Turner

Alan Brown, the schools assistant headteacher and Director of sixth form said: “We are incredibly proud of all of the work and achievements of our students, especially considering such a difficult and challenging year.

“Our staff have worked tirelessly to ensure students are all able to progress onto their chosen career pathway and we are excited to see what they will achieve in the future.’”

One student will be attending the University of Oxford to study Biology.

A-level student Shahmima-Rahman

The following students’ achievements were particularly praised:

  • Nikko Turner: 5 A* grades (English Literature, Media, Psychology, Drama and EPQ)
  • Alfie Rushby: 4 A*s(Further Maths, Maths, Physics and Computing)
  • Shahmima Rahman: 2 Distinction* and 2 A’s (Business Studies, Health and Social Care, Sociology And EPQ)
  • Kylie Howlett-Blair: an A* and 2 A grades (Sociology, Law and Criminology)

Bedford Girls’ School

Bedford Girls’ School issued a statement to say they are “exceptionally proud of their outstanding results across all three qualifications.”

They highlighted a record 95% of applicants achieving university places at their first or insurance choice university.

All of their five Oxbridge candidates also achieved places and 72% of the cohort will be attending Russell Group universities.

Meanwhile, their IB cohort achieved 100% first choice university places and an average point score of 39.6.

Mrs Gemma Gibson, Headmistress commented: “The last 18 months have been a challenge for all students but in particular for the exam cohorts who have had to navigate their way through the most complex and stressful set of circumstances.

“I could not be prouder of our Year 11 and Upper Sixth students who have shown incredible resilience and determination, engaging in their studies and remaining motivated and focused.”

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