81-year-old Bedford window cleaner honoured at surprise party

Dave Denton cake and cheers
Dave Denton has been cleaning the windows of Bedford businesses for 67 years.

An 81-year-old Bedford window cleaner has been thanked and honoured at a surprise birthday party attended by some of the 30 businesses he cleans windows for.

Dave Denton has been cleaning windows for businesses around Bedford for 67 years, having started as his dad’s assistant when he was 14.

One of Dave’s customers, Jessica Wolton, who owns The Third Place and organised the surprise party said: “He’s the fabric of Bedford. The most dedicated man I’ve ever known.”

Dave Denton and Jessica Wolton from The Third Place who organised the party.

Despite his age, Dave still works seven days a week. He’s up at 5:30am and is at his first customer by 6am. It’s thought he never takes a day off, except on Christmas Day.

He cleans windows for many of the independent Bedford businesses in town including Herd, the Third place, Beerfly, Baker Brothers Diamonds, Amici, Nicholas Anthony, Seventh heaven and Mickey D’s.

Customers who gathered at the Third Place for his surprise thank you party described Dave as a genuine legend, with one saying: “he’s part of the furniture of Bedford”.

Dave was also presented with a cake made by one of his customers, Seventh Heaven, topped with a sugarcraft model of himself and the shield of his favourite football team, Manchester United.

Jessica Wolton added: “You wouldn’t think he was 81 years old. He’s so energetic. Everyone has nothing but great things to say about him.

“He’s so friendly. He says “hello” to everyone. He’s just adorable.

“I remember him as a teenager going around cleaning windows. I feel privileged now to have him as my own window cleaner.”

Asked if what he thought of the party in his honour, Dave simply replied: “I ain’t used to this sort of thing. It’s very kind of them.”

He also shows no signs of slowing down either. When asked if he plans to hang up his ‘squeegee’ anytime soon, he said: “Everyone was asking me that last week, I said I’ll do it when I’m 90”.

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