25 vehicles stopped in Bedford as police target nuisance driving

A police officer holding up a speed gun while standing behind a police car parked on the side of a residential road. Image: Bedfordshire Police
Image: Bedfordshire Police

Police fighting nuisance driving around Bedford town centre say they stopped more than 25 vehicles in three hours during a special day of action this week.

While two vehicles ended up being seized by officers, a further eight attracted notices forcing the owners to fix minor defects on their vehicles.

Alongside these,

  • Two drivers were issued with specific warnings about anti-social driving that will stay on their record for 12 months
  • Four drivers were given notices for minor offences
  • Eight were given words of advice by officers

Bedford Community PC Ryan Mitchel said: “We know nuisance driving is an issue for people in the town centre with dangerous loud and speeding vehicles. That’s why we put on this targeted operation.

“We have been engaging with the community and trying to educate drivers, but there is also a need for enforcement.

“Our primary aim is to make our roads safer for everybody and we will continue to do everything we can to towards that end.”

Operations like this are led on the back of information we receive from the public about where we should target.

If you have any information about anti-social driving call Bedfordshire Police on 101 or report it online at beds.police.uk.