£22.6 million secured for Bedford Town Centre investment

St Paul's Square, Bedford
St Paul's Square, Bedford

£22.6 million has been secured for Bedford town centre development from Central Government and will be used to help regenerate the Station Quarter, Midland Road and St. Paul’s Square.

The bid for up to £25 million was submitted in October last year by the Borough Council and Bedford Town Deal Board.

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They detailed that the cash would be spent on projects that must be completed by March 2026, such as:

  • The regeneration of the Station Quarter and Midland Road
  • Public realm improvements to St. Paul’s Square
  • Improvements to town centre junctions and pedestrian and cycling infrastructure
  • investment in Health, Science and Digital Skills
  • Full Fibre broadband

Bedford and Kempston MP, Mohammad Yasin (LAB) said: “This injection of sorely needed Government funding will provide a boost to the growth and resilience of Bedford town centre, bringing about major projects, including regeneration of the Midland Road area.

The Bedford Town Deal Board say the regeneration of the Station Quarter and Midland Road will bring important investment to key gateways to Bedford and the town centre.

Meanwhile, the suggested public realm improvements to St. Paul’s Square will “enhance the experience for both shoppers and visitors, increasing the vibrancy of the centre of Bedford and promoting the town as a place to meet friends and family and have fun.”

It’s also hoped the proposed investment in roads, pedestrian and cycling network will promote greater accessibility and mobility for Bedfordians by reducing congestion and creating a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians.

Councillor Henry Vann, Portfolio Holder for Town Centres and Planning, said: “This is a fantastic win for the whole of Bedford Borough.

“After such a challenging year for town centres across the country, we can now look forward to seeing these projects come to life and bring meaningful, significant improvements for residents and visitors of Bedford Borough.”

The Town Investment Plan will also fund an additional 250 places each year at Bedford College for students to learn Health, Science and Digital Skills.

it will also support the rollout of full fibre infrastructure across the urban areas of Bedford by a private provider, helping to attract investment from private sector businesses.

Samantha Laycock, Chair of the Bedford Town Deal Board, added: “When we developed the plan, our priority was always to deliver value for money to the people of Bedford.

“It’s really encouraging to see that central government also agree that these projects are going to deliver positive outcomes for people and help unlock the potential of Bedford with a legacy for future proofing of our town.”

  • Update: This article was updated on 08 June at 14:41 to include a comment from Mohammad Yasin MP that was issued after publication.

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