10-year-old becomes record breaking Times Tables Rock Star


Bedford-based Times Tables Rock Stars has announced a new mathematical Guinness World Record title has been achieved.

With many children practising their times tables during lockdown, Times Tables Rock Stars – based at Bedford Heights – teamed up with the Guinness World Records to create a new title: Highest Score achieved on Times Tables Rock Stars in one minute.

Seven hundred official attempts were made, with submissions from children all over the world, but 10-year-old Nadub Gill smashed it out of the park.

Answering an incredible three correct answers per second, Nadub from Long Eaton, answered an astonishing 196 multiplication and division questions correctly in one minute.

Nadub said, “I am very thrilled and excited to achieve this title. It is like a dream!

“I am thankful to my school and my teachers, who encouraged me to attempt this record. They encouraged me a lot and I think they have played a big role in my success.”

Holding his official Guinness World Record certificate

When asked if he had any advice to any budding times tables rock heroes out there, Nadub modestly replied, “the more you practice the better you will get”.

Bruno Reddy, CEO and founder of TT Rock Stars said, “The numbers don’t make sense when you think about it – more than three correct answers every second – which makes it one of those rare achievements that defies belief.

“Nadub’s astonishing score has pushed the boundary of what anyone thought was possible on Times Tables Rock Stars and I suspect it will be a long time before anyone beats it.

“Nadub has our full admiration, not only for earning the title but also for his humble attitude when receiving it.“

“It’s truly mind-boggling how these young people can blast through so many calculations in such a short time,” said Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief at Guinness World Records.

“It’s a real test of mental and physical dexterity and it’s a pleasure to welcome Nadub to the GWR family.”

Nadub’s headteacher at Longmoor Primary School, Sue Dainty, said, “We first recognised Nadub’s gift with multiplication facts back in February when he amazed the school with his skill in Longmoor’s Got Talent.

“Everyone in the room felt the goosebumps on the back of their necks – children, parents and teachers.

“It created a buzz throughout school for learning times tables.  For Nadub to move forward and to win a place in the Guinness World Records for his skill is fabulous and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

“Not just the children, but everyone in school is in awe of Nadub and he has truly inspired other children to work hard and motivated them to improve their own skill and to try to match his speed.

“Times Tables Rock Stars has been a valuable tool in helping children learn their times tables across school and we have seen, not only in Nadub’s general maths skills, but in many other children, how this knowledge has impacted on overall confidence and progress in all areas within maths.  TT Rock Stars has helped engage children and has demonstrated how maths can be fun!”.

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